Open your mind to new perspectives and ideas

Choose different types and colors of wool and natural materials to represent distinctive challenges you may be facing in your job, relationship, or any other aspect of daily life. As you begin to weave on the loom, the repetitive movement helps balance your right and left brain into one centered mind that opens to new ideas and perspectives.


With expert coaching and guidance, you’ll begin to see patterns as you weave together a tangible, visual symbol of your situation. This gentle, restorative process can help you let go of limiting beliefs and find direction toward a happier, more productive life. Take your woven tapestry home as a reminder of your journey and insights. No weaving experience is necessary.


Children and families: INNERWEAVING sessions for children and families are designed to help identify the root of behavioral issues, develop focus and concentration in school, meet the challenges of blended families, and more. Use of the loom helps untangle body tension and restrictive thoughts, allowing new possibilities and pathways to emerge.