Learn about Silvia’s successful implemented instructional designs of international pilot study-programs

for generations, communities, educators and key-players

funded by the European Lifelong-Learning Agency.

Book her for project inspirations or educational program design as 

  • KEYNOTE Speaker

  • Consultant for the implementation of Experiential Knowledge Innovations



View some Professional Publications for Teachers|Trainers|Consultants:

Professional Train-The-Trainer guidelines | handbooks

TTT-Handbook & Curricula:

‘RAGELab’ – Viloence Prevention by experiential Rage Laboratory incorporating a Neurofeedback-Headset

TTT-Handbook & Curricula:
‘SOWSkills’ – Social Webskills for Elder People introduced by young people 

Handbook & Curricula:
‘Labour Office and Clients’ The awareness for the importance of key skills in the job placement process
http://www.labour-office-and clients.org/opencms/opencms/loffice/de/leftNav/English/download.htm

TTT-Handbook & Curricula

‘Food-Literacy’ – Nutrition as a cross-cutting issue in adult education programs