Nature Weaving: 

Balance through Weaving Land Art: earthcraft-6


When we slow down enough to put our feet on a mountain path, to rise with the sun and feel the earth beneath us, we begin to open up space for the inner life to reveal itself. These day-long or overnight workshops in a natural environment are designed to help you break through the blocks that may keep you from seeing and experiencing your larger vision.

Focusing on a distant horizon can help broaden your view of a life situation and illuminate a new path. Landscape rituals and art can also help influence your response to life conditions. The process of Land Art may include weaving natural fibers between branches or assembling found materials in patterns on the earth.


With nature as your canvas or loom, you’ll have an opportunity to experience your inner life without the use of language, opening up new channels of awareness and self-expression.


Mix Meditation Class 

Sensory awareness and self-expression

20150320_181209Hochelastische Kinderbeine auf hochelastischem Sportboden zu Volker Rosins "Singendes Känguruh" - Minidisco im Playmobil Funpark in Zirndorf.

shake your body loose followed by weaving Earth Craft



The tension and stress of everyday life can create blocks in the whole body system.



In the first hour of this two-hour workshop

we’ll do specific movements to help break down those blocks, improve blood flow, move energy, and help you find silence within the body. Movement exercises are followed by sitting meditation.

The second hour

provides an opportunity for inner reflection through weaving and/or earth craft. Select different types or colors of wool, natural fibers, fabrics, and materials from nature to create a tangible expression of your experience. We’ll end with a closing exercise to help you find inner stillness as you integrate body, mind, and spirit.




Earth Craft Weaving for Kids:


Earth Craft Sculpture

These programs invite sparkling exploration, stimulate sensory awareness, and help build self-esteem.



This collection of workshops and Summer-classes guides children ages 4 to 12 in expressing their creativity through the use of natural fibers, fabrics, and materials from nature.

Children are invited to weave on the SAORI JAPANESE looms, assemble their own looms using sticks and twigs, or try their hand on a variety of fold-able, vertical, and table looms. They will accomplish

  • woven tapestries
  • sewing woven items: bags, pencil cases…
  • nature wall-hangings, mobile yarn balloons
  • Fimo – jewelries
  • magical treasures designs: e.g. sculptures, wonderlands, fairy houses, tree houses
  • personalized magical “helpers” for encouragement in times of need.


Especially the SAORI free-style-looms offer unique weaving techniques, which allow a rich creative process including a variety of objects (shells, herbs, twigs) besides fiber and fabric. Because of this wonderful possibility, children will be guided to self-innovation through weaving. Furthermore they explore, that there is no “right or wrong” weaving, but instead, they are reflectively guided to think outside the box and experience a different approach to dealing with mistakes and frustration.

On the final day the parents will be invited to their children’s crafts gallery, where the kids will present and celebrate their powerful accomplishments.



Various Weaving Activites