• Untangle your life and move toward balance and harmony.

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and find direction toward a happier, more productive life.

Weaving New Life Patterns for Clarity, Balance, and Direction

INNERWEAVING creator Silvia Schroeder uses weaving as a unique, hands-on tool to help people move through life changes. Natural fibers, objects from nature, and the loom are key components in her multidisciplinary approach to gently guiding clients toward wholeness.

INNERWEAVING can benefit anyone who has feelings of depression, anxiety, or uncertainty as part of life’s transitions. Whether you’re searching for meaning and purpose, working through a challenging relationship, undergoing changes in your emotional or physical health, or dealing with the loss of a loved one, this simple, yet powerful process can help you untangle your inner life and move toward balance and harmony.

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Individuals and Families

Open your mind to new perspectives and ideas

Combine counseling, coaching, and hands-on work with a Japanese Saori Loom to weave together symbolic threads of your life.

People with Life-Threatening Illness

Woven symbols help tie up loose ends

For people living with cancer and other life-threatening illness, unfinished business can weigh heavily on the mind and psyche.

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Earth Craft Workshops

Sensory awareness and self-expression

Creative exploration, movement, stillness, and natural landscapes are all components of Earth Craft Workshops for children and adults.

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Businesses in Transition

Coaching through all phases of change

When your business is in transition, it affects everyone. Let Sylvia Schroeder help your business successfully navigate change.

About Silvia Schroeder

Silvia Schroeder brings a rare combination of international experience, training, and credentialing to her compassionate counseling and coaching practice in the United States and abroad.

She specializes in helping children, adults, and businesses achieve balance and awareness as they move through transition and change.

Silvia is the creator of INNERWEAVING, a method of experiential and emotional hands-on techniques that support personal development and conscious living. She earned her Psychosocial Counseling degree in Austria/Vienna and an Educator’s degree in Experiential Nature Craft in Switzerland.

In her work with the business community, Silvia brings 12 years of global experience and a multidisciplinary approach. She has designed international programs, developed curriculums, and trained coaches and employees in leadership and interpersonal skills.

A Client’s Experience

  • Wow! What an enlightening experience! Silvia helped me transform abstract thoughts into a woven piece that I can see and touch and understand. Weaving my thoughts helped to clarify an issue I was struggling with. Silvia is an intuitive, wise, and expert guide through this fun and valuable (or beneficial) process.

    Linda Block, MFT
  • My INNERWEAVING session with Silvia was beyond expectation, especially considering that I didn‘t know what to expect from the incredibly unique medium of service she provides! Silvia compassionately and gracefully held the space for me for an experience I will always hold close to my heart. She began the session by gracefully guiding me into a state of relaxation and connection to my breath. With her instruction and support, I navigated the yarn and her gorgeous Japanese loom in a way that became a direct reflection of my current state of being. In unraveling my creativity, I was able to get in touch with the places where I was holding onto beliefs and patterns that blocked me from my true essence. I laughed, I cried and I faced and embraced the ‚knots‘ in my consciousness. Silvia gently encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone in my woven creation and in the way I relate to myself on a deeper level. This is a type of work that requires an intuitive and highly skilled guide and Silvia certainly fills that role. On the receiving end, this is the type of work for brave, open-minded and curious souls who are ready and willing to untie the knots that bind us to our own stories of illusion. Not only did I get to take home my own woven creation as a symbol of the work that we did together, but I took with me an inner peace and knowing that Silvia helped me to discover in her unique way. I am deeply grateful to Silvia for her creative gifts and her insightful services. I look forward to the evolution of my own creativity through weaving with Silvia.

    Karen Prosen, Hypnotherapist
  • I deeply appreciate Silvia's expertise and compassionate presence in using the loom as an incredible tool to bring to light places in my life I had tucked away unhealed- layers of insight and awareness poured forth as Sylvia guided my process in such a gentle and profoundly intuitive way.  For me, working with my hands and being able to touch, feel , and work  physically with the elements that represented different aspects of myself was very powerful and  life affirming.  With Silvia's support I was able to meet these old places of heart-break, sadness and confusion with new awareness, kindness and compassion.  I left feeling more spacious, more alive and more at peace inside.

    Kristi Dee Doden, TRE Therapist